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Expat job & Career opportunities for Canada

The Canadian government have demonstrated a willingness to employ foreign workers and have historically been quick to recognize that skilled immigrants are important to the growth of the Canadian economy.

The majority of expats living in Canada find work through insurance, catering or production industries and there tends to be a good availability of office jobs for expats. In the past Canada has suffered from a deficit of skilled engineering candidates and for this reason expats who work in the field of project management, process and engineering are in higher demand.

Visa and permits for moving to Canada

To be able to move to Canada you will need a permit (VISA). You need to apply for the Visa at the Canadien Embassy. If you are moving to Canada for work purpose for a few years then the time from application until VISA approval will be relative fast if you have a Letter of Employment from your employer. Don´t forget to inform customs at your arrival that you have cargo to be imported after. For more information about Import Regulations and Customs Forms see below.

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